Social Awareness Programme

Through financial & non-financial support in the core areas of Health, Education & Community Development, we reach out to a diverse target group, including children, the specially challenged, the destitute, the aged thereby covering the most vulnerable sections of our society, with an aim to complete the circle of life

Educational Health :

Educational Health with an aim to make each indian literate, we are running an educational trust. Our trust helps poor children get good food, clothing and education. Various cultural activities like music, arts, drama and handicrafts are provided to the children through our trust. As education is the fundamental right to everyone, therefore, we strive hard that so that people acquire freedom to speak, write & express themselves.

Aids Awareness :

Aids Awareness Usually AIDS patients are considered anti-social and immoral due to lack of proper knowledge of the disease. People still feel apprehensive to talk about AIDS. The dilemma is to such an extent that people feel awkward to even get their tests done. There is big gap between reality and social construct, due to improper flow of knowledge within the society. Thus to fill this gap between the reality and social construct about the disease, we will play the important role of Mediator and Facilitator for the proper flow of knowledge about AIDS to the benefit of disadvantaged people in the society through conducting various Informative programs. The goal of our organization is to spread AIDS awareness and provide social empowerment for those who are infected by the disease in India. We need your support to help us reach this goal.

Legal Awareness Programme :

Legal Awareness Programme We conduct Legal Awareness Programmes to enable women and girls to know their legal rights and to understand the procedure and method of access to the legal systems. Some important issues taken up by us include :- Gender and Law Enforcement Impact of Displacement of Women Sexual Harassment at Workplace Women in Detention Issues concerning Prostitution Political Empowerment of Women Technological Empowerment of Women in Industries

Environment Awareness Programme :

Environment Awareness Programme Recently the Delhi High Court tightened norms regulating use and recycling of plastic bags in the Capital to check their indiscriminate use as they pose a serious health hazard and pollute the environment. A Division Bench of the Court to extended the scope of the ban on use of plastic bags to include the city’s main markets and local shopping centers. Their use is already banned in hotels, hospitals and malls.

To discourage indiscriminate use of plastic bags by shopkeepers and encourage rag-pickers to pick them up for recycling, the Bench made the bags more expensive by increasing their thickness from 20 microns to 40 microns. This would discourage shopkeepers from using them for packing groceries and toiletries and encourage them to shift to environment-friendly papers bags. It would also act as an incentive for rag-pickers to collect them as they would fetch more money due to their thickness. The Bench directed the Delhi Govt. to notify the norms as soon as possible. To check operation of unlicensed recycling units in non-conforming zones, the Bench directed the Government and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee to ensure closure of all such units. There is already a complete ban on use of plastic bags for packing cooked foodstuff.

The biggest problem with the plastic bags which are used for packing of milk, oil, salt etc they become big environmental problem. When we go for shopping the shop owners give plastic bag which is handy but which is destroying the environment.

We educate student of different-different schools to take initiate at home and guide their parents for the sake of SAVE ENVIRONMENT As a citizen it is our individual social responsibility to carry cloth bags and do not accept to carry plastic bags while shopping.